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Combining the sweet taste and the natural sweetness of the fruit, the fruit wine is a treat for all those who want to organize a gourmet appetizer. Quickly discover the range proposed by the House Monk on Voyageur online store.

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Do you like rhubarb ? You want to taste it in a new way a little more unusual? And if you try fruit wine made from rhubarb? The online store Voyageur offers three versions of this gourmet pleasure: dry white wine, sweet white wine and sparkling white wine.
What is the history of the manufacture of fruit wine ?
The origin of the fruit wine is due to climate change, grape disease (Phylloxera, mildew ...), lack of grape production and cost too High for the poorest. At the time, we could not do without fermented drinks (because of polluted water), so it was a solution that is both practical and delicious substitute for grape wine.
Our ancestors left to macerate for many winter months sweetened fruit juice harvest their orchards to a low alcohol result. Nowadays, fruit wine is produced in a more controlled, a procedure that achieves a deliciously sweet taste, perfect for those who wish to offer a gourmet delight.
Try and find out now your new favorite appetizer with our range of straight fruit wine came from the region Franche Comté.