Artisanal fruit juice

And if you ended the special taste of a squeezed juice without an effort in the morning ? The online store Le Voyageur offers a range of handcrafted fruit juice, crafted in Franche Comté.

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Available with apple or rhubarb, two emblematic fruits of the Franche Comté, the handicraft juice disponbile on Voyageur boutique will delight gourmands, big and small, for a breakfast full of vitamin or taste deliciously sweet .
Why choose our fruit juice craft rather than a supermarket juice?
Our artisanal fruit juice comes from fruit orchards to Freitigney in Franche Comté. Guaranteed no preservatives, no added sugar and no artificial coloring, this juice will bring you all the vitamins necessary for a day full of pep.
To allow you to enjoy all the good things of nature without bad note, fruits present in each handcrafted fruit juice are not treated. Rediscover the pleasure of pure squeezed juices.