For all those who do not want to cook during the long winter evenings or during a meal with friends, the Voyageur shop offers a specialty range of Franche Comté as ready meals, ready tasted.

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Franche Comté specialty: the Traveller guide you in gastronomy
With a highly developed culinary culture, the Franche-Comté region has much to offer for those who like to get together around a good dish, prepared with quality ingredients. However, everyone does not always have the motivation to prepare AZ sauerkraut or a traditional cassoulet. It is also difficult to find quality products to make delicate dishes.
That's why the Voyageur shop is there to offer you a wide choice of specialty Franche Comté in jars. Then simply open the jar of your choice, to warm the preparation by following the instructions and enjoy a few minutes later your food straight from the Franche Comté.
What Franche Comté specialty throb will make your taste buds?
This is not the choice or quality that is lacking in this radius. The hardest part will simply select which Franche-Comte specialty you want to try and rediscover. Tripe, sausage-lens, choucroute, cassoulet: the emblematic dishes of the Eastern Region are all waiting for you and waiting for you!
Want to know more about the specialty range of Franche Comté presented here? We are at your disposal to give you any information about our products.