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Fancy a bit of novelty in your glass ? Why not indulge in artisanal lemonade Elixia crafted by the brand? In mango, blueberry, plum or in 24-carat gold, it has everything to please you !

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A homemade lemonade that has everything a great
Tired prefabricated tastes and drink sips of artificial flavors? You want to reconnect with the true taste of real fruit? Lemonade Elixia is a small liquid pleasure to eat when desired, by a hot summer afternoon or during a lunch between friends with some biscuits.
Why artisanal lemonade Elixia?
Steeped in the tradition of Franche-Comté, the Elixia brand has become known and recognized as a real gluttony manufacturer since its inception. Indeed, artisanal lemonade Elixia is crafted since 1856 and has won the hearts of the French with its natural flavor and original taste. Although it exists in more variations than usual (nature, strawberry, cherry ...), we can also find it in the most amazing styles such as lemonade with the glitter of gold!
Bue simply with a few ice cubes or used to compose a cocktail with or without alcohol, artisanal lemonade Elixia is the missing ingredient in all gourmands in search of pure and healthy flavor.
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